AMC Services
This activity involves visiting the enduser work –seat, diagnosing the defective hardware, system software and middleware for a suitable resolution. One stop quality support across all your IT equipments , this service ensures peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business. It means whatever the problem is and wherever it is located , we will deliver the service to help you maintain its competitive edge and business continuity. In a complex environment with a mix of complex environment , our integrated and coordinated service is highly appreciated.
Tinnu international commitment to deliver excellent IT maintenance and support services revolves around customer needs and is tailored to suit every business requirement.
Our AMC services include :
--Desktop & Peripheral Hardware support
--Basic Operating system Support
--LAN connectivity support
--Virus support
Networking services
Networks are multiplying day by day in every organization. Systems are becoming more and more dependent on the availability of data resources of various departments/divisions/locations of an organization and thereby increasing the load & requirements of Networks. The well known networked applications such as Email , Internet/ Campus Wide Network / Intranet , Relational Databases render the users completely in effective services , in the event of network shutdowns.
We provide
 Structured cabling ,design and implementation based on Dlink & ACE (Wep) passive components.
 Laying of Cable Cat 5e, 6 & fibre.
 UTP & OFC cable Termination.
 Managed & unmanaged Switches testing & implementation.
 Final integration of active & passive Components.
 Implementation & installation as per network design.

Antivirus Quickheal
Designed for online threats
Internet is more used for malicious intention than for the reason it was invented. Daily 100s of new Spyware , Adware ,Trojans and other riskware attack your computer through internet. The worst part is that most of the time , all that is happening without your consent or awareness. They invade your computer and cause your computer to run slowly and sluggishly or even crash it.
Use Quickheal and take control of your computer. Quickheal 2006 with worls’s first DNAScan technology antivirus protects your computer against viruses , worms Trojans, spywares and adwares automatically. As you surf the internet with Quickheal protection installed , you will experience that it is designed specially for on-line threats.
Using Internet Connection, Install Quickheal
and Surf on the internet without worrying about spyware and adware.
Relax when new virus outbreak happen as your protection is automatically updated.
Open your emails without worry as all the mails get automatically scan before they reach your inbox.
Use external CDs and floppies with confidence as all kinds of threats like viruses ,worms,Trojans and backdoors will be removed automatically.
World’s only Antivirus with DNAScan Technology
Just as DNA Scan Test which accurately identifies a person and gives history of his roots by scanning the genes . In similar manner Quick heal’s DNAScan technology is designed to identify a malware/riskware to the roots of its malicious intention. It can detect deeply packed unknown malwares without taking too much of system resources. It looks at the genes of the program to discover of it has any malicious intent.
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